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www.spiritsingles.com www.soulweavers.com
www.greensingles.com I did a search for free spiritual online dating and there were many. However, when I wrote in my profile that I am looking for non-orgasmic sex, I got many rejections for this. We need to populate these sites with the mentioning of Marnia's book and site so that they have something to refer to. There are many people on there that are very spiritual and yet still insist that orgasms are a part of their evolution. We need to create a wave of change here, there has been to much ignorance on these sites. It takes a very evolved person to want to hold their seed and not go for the mind blow of three second ecstacy, I don't know where these people are, but they are out there. I think sometimes we can find men who are impotent and crying for affection and save their lives with this, there may be women as well that have been hurt by orgasmic type men that are willing to try anything different. Sometimes we have to find these types, the testosterone driven men must be put to an end otherwise our world will suffer. OUT WITH THEM!!!! If they stop orgasming, the testosterone in them that must conquer women will be put to a rest. Sorry if I sound like a tryant here, but those type of men are good for mechanics or lifting heavy things, at best, but we don't need them. Sorry, for the bluntness.


I like testosterone. A lot. Wink

I think I see your point, but testosterone isn't the problem. Both men AND women have been educated to inflame the addictive potential of sex. It's a big job to gently re-educate ourselves.

troublesome men

"there may be women as well that have been hurt by orgasmic type men "

I hear you and i hear your pain and anger. I accept it, it has been a long time coming.

Many humans have felt pain that they think was caused by another.

I used to suffer the same prejudice toward women that you have toward men.
When the task of healing one's self becomes the focus, then those around us follow with the desire to heal themselves. Even though it is placed right in front of our feet on a daily interval, This path, this leadership role is not an easy one to see, and a much harder one to accept.

Ho 'oponopono
I am sorry
I love you

Thanks for the reminder, Luke

Maybe you'd like to suggest some good links for those interested in learning about Ho 'oponopono. The story behind that therapy (which is also a spiritual practice) is moving and inspiring.

I feel like the sacred sex concept is closely related to this concept that we are all one. Once one sees that there's a way to use one's life force energy to create deep feelings of harmony and oneness (instead of separation and irritation: http://www.reuniting.info/science/marriage_gets_worse), then something else also becomes apparent. Namely, since most of humanity is NOT using it this way, a lot of unnecessary emotional friction is accompanying the physical friction across the planet. Smile

The sensations of "not enough" that follow conventional sex fuel both victims and aggressors, apathy and ruthless ambition, discouragement and domineering behavior, and so forth. Truly, we are all one...and all laboring under the same handicap. It just takes vastly different forms.

It becomes apparent that attempts to "fix" ourselves at the surface level of the personality, while not without gifts, is not going to address the fundamental "separation" problem that we humans cause in the bedroom on a regular basis.

I think this is why I'm so excited by the potential of learning to use sex to create feelings of wholeness instead of lack. With each increase in harmony that we bring about through this practice, it shows that humanity is all innocently making an error that can be corrected. This is really exciting. We've also seen increased abundance and a decreased susceptibility to manipulative media/advertising/false needs. Imagine if more people were increasing their feelings of wholeness.

Mind you, meditation and many other practices also increase feelings of wholeness. All are big contributors to a better humanity. Yet sex may be the most efficient place to start because it connects us deeply with another ego, and because during sex couples either become part of the solution...or the reverse.