Increased sensitivity on day 9?

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Day 9 of no (P)MO, which is the longest I've gone for... well, as far back as I can remember!

Just today something really odd began happening. I noticed it after about two hours sitting at my computer at work. I noticed a tingly feeling in my penis, at the sensitive spot just below the head. No erection. The feeling grew over the next hour then stabilized. Now, about six hours later, it's still there! It feels like I'm having a continuous low grade simmering orgasm. Still no erection.

It's actually a really nice feeling, but very distracting!

Any ideas on what's happening here? I'm sure it's related to my new abstinence as this has never happened before.

Yes I had the exact same

Yes I had the exact same thing two days ago. It's gone now, I wish it wasn't. I loved that it was there, because it let's me know something is going on. Now it's back to its "dead" stage. Talk about recovering is not linear. I was so hoping that it meant there was some serious progress going on but guess I'm flatlining again. Cheers.

It seems

that different parts of the brain "awaken" at different times, as your brain works its way back to balance. Enjoy the buzz for now. Smile