day 60 CURED!!! (ED)

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Basically, im 16 been watching porn since i was 13. It seemed, every time i met up with a girl, i got turned on less and less, no matter how attractive she was. Even started rejecting offers for sex because i just wasn't in the mood, then went home and watched porn for hours and hours. i eventually gave up on women and accepted the fact that i was Asexual, until i stumbled across the vids gary made on youtube on how porn affects the brain. I was like yea i may aswell try it out and quit cold turkey. my libido has always been crazy so i only lasted 3 days and went straight into the addiction again. then i went cold turkey again lasted longer but failed again, but on soft core porn. then i failed again even later, but only to erotic stories. every time i failed, i got stronger and stronger and needed less and less. so i quit one more time, but now was just stuck on M to Fantasy, then that eventually went, the fantasy has just died out along with it, now i dont even want M. THIS IS WHEN I REALISED I WAS READY! sitting on my pc pumped with energy as always, got a text asking if i wanted to come to the movies, i was like now this is the final test. met her upstairs and while waiting, just simply waiting no touching or anything in line to get a ticket, i had the biggest raging boner i ever had!!!! she wasn't the hottest girl i've seen, but wow i've never felt this before!! usualy i would just feel nothing and it would be as i f i was looking at a brick or something. i had a previous experience where a girl tried giving me a headjob, but it just wouldn't go up, worst experience ever. but this time, 10 minutes in i just couldn't resist any longer, unzipped and woohooo had first head of my life and it was AMAZING!!!!

i'm going to continue the life of no porn, and instead of M i'll just do girls thanks you so much gary and marnia, hopefully everybody reads this story and use it to reach their success and not to give up.

*big smile*

I'm delighted for you and your Boner Extraordinaire! Seriously, congratulations on your hard work and determination. Thanks for sharing your story. If you want to keep us up on further developments, start a blog.

Be safe, and let us know when you need some relationship tips. Wink