ED drug for young men raises concern among experts

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This is the first time I've seen a mainstream article state that porn causes ED. This is big news to us as we battle all the time with doctors that will not take this seriously. Note that the urologist quoted says nothing about porn, and says it's great that they have new drug to prescribe. He's on the manufacturer's (Bayer) payroll. The sex therapist quoted seems to be suggesting porn may be involved with ED. I checked, and it's basically just Viagra with a new name.

ED drug for young men raises concern among experts


First posted: Thursday, November 17, 2011 10:06 AM EST

MONTREAL - A new erectile-dysfunction drug is being marketed to younger men, but critics question whether Staxyn can cure the real causes of their sexual frustration.

Some experts say the mint-flavoured pills won't stop pornography addiction and anxiety problems from deflating young men between the sheets.

Drug giant Bayer Inc. markets Staxyn as a "new and effective treatment option for "younger Canadian men."

Bayer says trials for Staxyn included men as young as 18.

The drug-maker acknowledges that erectile dysfunction in younger men is usually caused by stress and not physical problems.

But that hasn't stopped the company from marketing the small white pills that dissolve under the tongue and enable men to fly the flag for "up to eight hours when used as indicated."

Staxyn contains some of the same elements as Viagra, the popular libido-boosting drug that has dominated the market for more than a decade.

Bayer says Staxyn is less expensive than Viagra and has many of the same results and fewer of the taboos.

"When I suggest Viagra to my young patients ... they will not take medication for old people," said Dr. Serge Carrier, urologist at the Jewish General Hospital and a Bayer consultant. "Now they have an extra choice."

But Dr. Laurie Betito, who runs a sex therapy practice in Montreal, warns that erectile dysfunction (ED) drugs might be little better than placebos for young men reared on the sex marathons depicted in porn flicks.

She told QMI Agency that porn can create unrealistic expectations in the bedroom.

"They end up developing performance anxiety because it's a performance for them," she said. "Real men don't take hours for intercourse. Real women don't scream out in ecstasy every time. So there's these feelings of inadequacy."

While Betito says ED drugs might help some young men, she's seen the damage done to those who fail to be transformed into instant Casanovas.

"When I see men who finally show up in my office, they're in pieces," said Betito. "They're devastated."