Wet Dreams

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What is your impression of how they affect the brain Marnia ? Should we hope not to get them and accept them as part of a long run process of physical adjustment to life without the big O ?

Accept them

but also notice whether they have any noticeable effects, and whether there were any triggering events. And tell us!

And, of course, take them as a sign that it's time to connect with a woman. (You knew I'd say that.) Wink

I've had them before

but when I was much younger so I don't recall any hangover effects. I do recall that it was a more whole body orgasm and maybe even marginally with the penis, and also it's never a rushed thing the body seems to orgasm in slow drawn out waves.
I've had a dream with a woman for every day over the last seven or so days. Very vivid and mainly intimate with touching, dancing, caressing so maybe my body is getting ready for it. I will give you a report if anything happens, maybe these dreams are the sign I'm about to connect Wink

I had the choice

last night to have a wet dream and I rejected it. I was walking in a place that looked like Time Square and the big screen was showing very vivid sex acts and as I walked closer I saw that it was part of a promotion for a book called "lovers." The actress in the video was standing outside and when I looked in her eyes I saw all the pain/self-hate/sadness in her eyes but she was still smiling as the man next to her peddled his book. I just kept walking. I am fully aware in my dreams, if I have taken the stand to avoid orgasms then that extends to my dreams as well. I crave intimacy soo much more, a simple heartfelt touch, the warmth of a woman's body, these are more intense in dreams too. That's what I want and its translating into my dreams, so I'm happy. I don't think I will ever go to bed hoping to have an orgasm so as of now I don't think it will happen anytime soon.

not at all

I meant to say that my what I'm looking for in real life is being manifested in my dreams. Why if I settled for that it would be worse than porn! :)

welcome to the forum

vpopov, I think what you say has some merit. I have the habit of waking up at about 4 am every morning because I found out there is some great shows on TV at that time! great documentaries from all around the world etc. After I watch them I usually go to bed again at around 5 but not because I'm tired but just as a habit. Never once have I awoken at 4 from an erotic dream of a sexual nature, but I have when I go back to sleep and wake again at a later time. In fact those dreams I am actually repulsed by the content, with very graphic things. Curiously enough when I have awoken at 4 the dreams have been about intimacy and caressing with lots of love surrounding them where sex seems like an afterthought to what is being shared. I'm going to watch what happens, I came very close to a wet dream last night vpoppov and these dreams have been building up steadily. I may just take your advice and stay awake longer tomorrow, I'm sure I'll find more TV shows to watch. Wink

edit: incidentally I have realized that I wake up very energized at 4 with absolutely no grogginess but when I go back to sleep and awake I feel somewhat lethargic. But the habit has such a hold that I just ignored it and just did what I always do. Seems like soo much of getting healthy in all aspects is about controlling what you do in excess be it sex, sleep, food. Comes back to the reward centers of the brain all over again.

could you post the article popov, and also if you could describe what changes you have felt in your body as you progressed ?

That was fascinating

He says "night pollution" causes fear, but all I can say is that if it doesn't, this article certainly will!

Still the practical suggestions may be helpful.

Personally, I think the "middle path" where one unites with a partner out of desire to be heal and be one, rather than out of desire to climax, may be a more stable path. It will be interesting to hear what you guys experience as you go forward.

Thanks for sharing this.

I can't speak

for the rest of the abstaining men, but the longer I have abstained the experience has been one of slowly increasing
spirtual awareness. I feel the orgasm rush has dampened my ability to feel what is going on inside me physically and
they now have the chance to come to a head. As much as I agree with you Marnia about finding a partner, since abstaining soo much other issues have arisen inside me that are even somewhat isolating in nature. Not really in the sense of breaking off and coccooning in my shell, but despite the overwhelming oneness I have experienced with women a kind of resentment seems to always resurface now that makes me want to isolate more so I can define it better. If I had to try and pinpoint it exactly it would be asking why did the women who were soo inexperienced but soo hungry for true union that way ? Why were they soo blind to to something that they needed soo much ? and then this is arrogant but why should I invest time in this woman who is growing and learning but somehow not my equal in this ? and then the women who loved me with soo much truth and generosity, why didn't that love surmount everything and bring us together ? That kind of love seems to answer everything but its never perfect because we're never perfectly in step because of all this baggage that seems to be ever present for her. So far the closest to perfect love that I know of on this Earth is a love of the Earth that goes beyond anything tangible I have ever know. There's soo much healing that needs to happen sexually so that the courage to create spiriutally can take place and in a way that can seem daunting. I kind of new this would happen that the more I removed the blocks that hinder my spiritual growth I'd have to confront the full reality of what I've known but kept from expressing. I'm glad to have this site for that Marnia. :)

Wish I had all the answers to your questions,

but I do have a few thoughts (big surprise... Wink )

First, it's really interesting how conserving sexual energy definitely tends to heighten awareness. I've seen this with both men and women. People just seem to start asking larger questions and seeing things from an expanded perspective. That's one of things that most convinces me that this IS a spiritual path, even if one doesn't start out with that intent. It just automatically happens.

Second, one of the key ideas at this site is that love alone ISN'T enough. Knowledge is needed. Without that knowledge, we are doomed to use sex in a way that clouds our perception, and usually alienates lovers over time...and worst of all, makes us tangle up love with fear in our subconscious. The precise knowledge we need is something we go to great pains to hide from ourselves, in part because it conflicts with the programming of the primitive part of our brains.

So those wonderful women in your life simply didn't know any better, and in trying to love, nurture and please you in the conventional way, they actually dimmed their spiritual vision and made it harder to hear their intuition.

What would be the point in insisting that you must have a partner who is an equal in your understanding? There's a whole planet that would benefit from this information. Chances are you will be able to make a big contribution to that effort by finding a way to share the information with someone for whom it is a new insight. (Actually some people have a definite sense that they are "remembering" this wisdom from a past life or somewhere when you share it. It "feels" right to them, even though it runs counter to mainstream noise.)

I can't promise you no baggage. However, the "bags" seem a lot smaller and more manageable when you both have greater neurochemical balance. It's easier to become aware of, and dissolve, those knots left over from the past while using this practice. In contrast, when you try to work on them by yourself, or while on the dopamine roller coaster, they can appear totally, hopelessly impossible to heal.

It's my belief that bringing ourselves back into balance is one of the kindest things we can do for this planet. Our inner state shapes our external experience, and it can't be an accident that the more reckless we are with our life force energy (depleting it at every opportunity), the more we find ourselves depending upon depleting resources, overpopulating the globe, and creating scarcity everywhere.

I believe that as we master correct cultivation/recirculation of sexual energy we will see a shift to renewable forms of energy. They already exist. Have you seen the fascinating YOU Tube videos of people running cars on water? And using electro-magnets to defy physics and create more energy than they use? Sometimes I think the planet is just patiently waiting for US to figure out how our parts can work for higher ends. *grin*

So much for my ramblings. I'm glad you feel free to do the same.

making a pst

I have no idea how to post on this forum. I look at the topics but there is no way to make my own topic or blog all I can do is post a comment. Can anyone tell me how I will post my journey of 4 months so far and tell you some tips and insights ive learned. Thanks.

I have read

about these alternative energy uses before Marnia. And many of them are not new ideas, just long stifled by greed and the search for a easy buck. I agree with you that correct cultivation of sexual energy will awaken our highest selves that will make us look beyond our immediate wants/needs to considering how inextricable our mutual welfare with the Earth is.

well it happened

I like to think of it as a Karezza Wet dream :) A sensual dance with a woman in a sheer silk dress got a little too close and I was over the edge. I'd like to think that I was just subconsciously waiting for the right setting with a woman that didn't involve degrading her or using her as a tool for my gratification before I let go. I've felt refreshed throughout the day with no spike or any symptoms that I would recognized as after masturbating.

I just have

an inner awareness that that was right and happened at the right time. I remember feeling the night before a buildup of energy in my body (not genital) and also accompanying heat. After the wet dream it felt like that buildup of energy now can begin to balance out of my body but the orgasm did not eliminate it but rather cleared the way for it to start to leave. I'm beginning to think that wet dreams are part of the process of the nerves in the body re-balancing, re-educating. I was on the wet dream forum and from the charts they have it wouldn't be surprising if I end up having another one before the two weeks are up.


Maybe some female company would help. You guys are being very noble to try to gain your balance all by yourselves, but it may turn out this is a joint project.

A big hug,

it's been just

over a week since my last wet dream and I haven't felt any of the associated dopamine crash feelings. I did notice a sudden and unexpected kick in sex drive yesterday.
I recently came across this article describing what happens during an orgasm.

this part in particular

[quote]Orgasm — A Total Body Response
There are several physiological components of orgasm. First, orgasm is a total body response, not just a pelvic event. Brain wave patterns have shown distinct changes during orgasm, and muscles in many different areas of the body contract during this phase of sexual response. Some people experience the involuntary contraction of facial muscles resulting in what looks like a grimace or an expression of discomfort or displeasure, but it is actually an indication of high sexual arousal.[/quote]

This can't be the same in sleep as when awake as the brain waves are different and perhaps the physiological response reflects this as well.