are these feelings normal?

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So it has been day 4 without porn, so far I'm not missing it at all. In fact, I can even say that I'm feeling better.

Some of the positives: morning wood is happening far more frequently and harder, I'm starting to find regular everyday women far more attractive. My balls are also becoming bigger (imagination?).

some of the negatives: my sleep pattern isn't really stable, sometimes I wake up 2-3 times during a night. I always woke up with morning wood, but since it can sometimes be 3 a.m. this isn't really fun lol.

I'm looking forward to hear some responses

Hi! I am not sure how much


I am not sure how much info you got yourself already from "yourbrianonporn" and everything is also strongly dependend on your own history of porn/masturbation.

If your story is similar to those of most guys here than you have to expect a reboot period of around 60 days (just so you know the ordner of magnitude).
Before the reboot is over there can be a lot of different withdrawal symptoms or physical and mental changes related to the process. You can check them out here:

(So yes, those things are "normal" (or at least common during the process))

Take care and good luck!!

Hi -higher- The sleep issue

Hi -higher-

The sleep issue was my first withdrawal symptom. I had medicated myself to sleep with PM for a long time and I think this had contributed to broken sleep/insomnia. It passed in about 7-9 days and sleep became better than ever.

Be strong you have made a great choice to follow a new path.

thanks for the replies

To be honest, I actually already feel quite good. It's weid something is already changing.

Thanks for your comments! I will kiep you guys updated

How long did it take you guys to start feeling different?

I've been off PM for 49 days

I've been off PM for 49 days but I had obvious benefits after about 7 days. Then I had some really intense mood swings not so good. Those are easing up. But, I am much older than you and have a habit that goes back decades.

question on the masturbation thing

I still masturbate, just not as frequently. I think I masturbate (without porn) every 2 days, with one day of "rest" in between.

F.e. at this moment a girl and I are sending each other erotic pictures. I mean it can't be bad to get turned on by those right? Cause she's a perfectly normal girl. It's only 2 photos as well.

any thoughts?

I , personally think the

I , personally think the pictures are too much like the porn habit. I have cut out all masturbation as well as porn. I might M again after 90-129 days , not sure. I have a loving wife and we are enjoying physical activity about every 7-9 days.

Can you and your girl , meet and touch, hug, hold hands all the mushy stuff. Marnia refers to as couple bonding behavior, I find close physical contact with my wife so good now, When on my porn habit I did not enjoy the physical hugging and kissing. It will help reinforce a good pattern. You will be better off getting turned on by her warmth beside you.

Even fantasy when it resembles porn scenarios is too super-stimulating. If you want the benefits of a real re-boot you need to commit. Or , maybe your porn addiction was not as bad as some of us?

read yourbrainonporn and watch Gary's videos lots of amazing knowledge there.

thanks for the reply


thanks for the reply.

I remember that when I watched porn, it were always videos or A LOT of pictures. And I was going through them very fast. But after watching Gary's series, I mostly think that the real culprit is porn, not masturbation. See if you walk around a city for 30 minutes, you can see 5-10 attractive women on a good day. Now, if you watch porn for 30 minutes, you've seen more attractive women then you can possibly handle. Plus, the standards of the women in porn are also quite high. And if you take into account that you probably watch porn longer then 30 minutes, well then we've got an issue :).

On a sidenote, after my first day of not watching porn I already felt different. I remember holding eye contact more with women. I even said "hi" to a women who gave me eye contact. This was already a huge improvement.

Also I know this girl only for like 4 days or so. So I don't want to have serious withdrawal symptions. See tomorrow I'm meeting with her and I'm not sure how I will respond to her if I havn't masturbated as much as I would have normally (I've cut back on that as well, and I only do it once every two days). I hope you understand this, but I don't want to have a soft erection when I'm meeting her.

as always thanks for the reply and I'm definetly commited to banning porn from my life!

Great chance for you to

Great chance for you to "experiment" , hope you have a wonderful time with this lady. You deserve to treat yourself to the best life has to offer. And porn is not it!

You are right , imagine the 1000's or 100,000's of women a man watches while addicted to porn.

Have fun and be well.