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so day 10

I still don't miss porn a single bit. This already feels like an achievement.

Today I was getting very solid eye contact from a cute girl and I already feel different. I remember that this used to intimidate me, but now I feel great when it happens. In fact what I find is that I notice it a whole lot more that women are looking at me.

Today I woke up with half morning wood, I definetly hope that this will return soon.

The apathy thing is definetly improving, cause today I was definetly checking out a girl passing bye.

One thing that I've noticed today was that I had very solid concentration.

I'll keep you guys updated. I will always post when something significant is happening or changing

today I also went out

and I definetly felt different. I was also a bit anxious sometimes, really weird like for no reason.

But I remember touching a girl and it turned me on, so we're headed in the right direction.