Is withdrawal getting worse or is it just normal to sleep less when consuming no porn

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Hey guys

So basically I only had like 5 hours of sleep last night and during the day I definetly felt tired and I taught to myself well tonight I'm going to go to bed early. Around 12 p.m. I start to feel "energized" for some reason and well now it's 4:30 a.m. since I'm writing this... This sucks though lol.

Is this normal? Can you expect less sleep when you're consuming less porn?

It seems like for me withdrawal symptoms get worse the further into the reboot. In the beginning I woke up a couple of times at night, but now I fall asleep very late. Yesterday I also felt "drained", don't ge me wrong when I saw people I was happy to see them, but I did consume fast food (quite a lot) and this normally isn't a habbit. I know that you can definetly get a dopamine rush from eating fast food.

I think I'm going to pick up my meditation habbit again.


I don't know how addicted to

I don't know how addicted to porn you are, but I will say that you can count yourself lucky if what you have described in this post is as bad as withdrawals get for you. Its certainly nothing to worry about and yes its normal. The brain doesn't like having its candy taken away. If you do take away the candy the brain will be angry and it will be heard. If you are wondering what is normal, check out the YBOP site for the common withdrawal symptoms. Its good to read ahead so that you have an idea of what to expect. Then, when it happens, you will know what is going on, which will calm your anxiety. Stay strong dude and congrats on beginning your journey.

hey guys

thanks for the list. Yeah I must say the sleep thing sucks, but I read reports from other people and I can't complain about my symptoms so far. I also had pain in my jaw and teeth.

-While I do lack sleep, it doesn't affect me as much as before. It seems that I need far less sleep in order to function well.
- The interaction witht he girl from yesterday really turned me on, the touching which was going on was really amazing and I got an erection from it.

- Thanks for the physical excercise tip. I already excercise heavy once a week and twice in the weekends. I mostly lift weights.

- I'm definetly going to start meditating again.

- I'm also going to ban this from my life completely, no excuses! I've read some reports from young men like myself and I just recognize myself so much in their situations. Feeling apathy when hot women give eye contact or when hot women start dancing around them. Man, this has fucked up my dating life for quite some time.

I'm far more motivated then ever and I will keep you guys updated!

yes my

yes my teeth it's weird.

When I read the pdf containing the "withdrawal symptomps" there was one person who also mentioned this. LOL, just one off course :).

But those symptomps seem to be gone now.

-HighAcheiver-My first 25


My first 25 days or so had quite a bit of insomnia, some nights maybe just 3-4 hours and I felt tired all day many days, then it began to pass, now I am sleeping straight through 7 hours and feeling more energetic all day.

Both aerobic exercise walking/running will help but not too close to bedtime. And high rep/low weight type training is good.

Meditation is very good and relaxing, even reading before bed. No caffeinated beverage after about 6:00pm and lower sugar consumption are good. A warm body next to you is nice too.

I think you will find an improvement soon. And I sleep through without having to get up to pee during the night when using PM before bed I always had to get up about 3:00am to pee.

Stay well, your on a great path

Insomnia linked to stress?

Yes, Ive also definitely experienced a lot of insomnia over the past few months. I get 5 hours usually, 6 1/2 on a good night.

I feel maybe its related to stress. I know in my case PMO was really a stress reliever, so not having that coping mechanism has definitely made me a lot edgier, but its slooowly getting better as I find other ways to deal (like actually dealing with the issues in my life, and caring less about things, going with the flow). A warm body would be pretty nice too, Im sure :)

Still, not getting proper sleep has definitely effected me the most out of all the withdrawal symptoms, it still sucks.
Good luck!

I do both

I excercise 3 times a week.I do mainly lift weights. But I'm thinking of adding some cardio or swimming in as well.

I meditate 10 minutes a day. What I've noticed is that meditation is great for dealing with mood swings. This is something that I'm having lately. But I'll write about it in another post.

take care!