day 13 - shrinkage (WTF?) + feeling drained

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Hey Guys

day 13 so far. Today is another special day, I woke up with morning wood this day. So that is already getting better, it happenned twice this morning. It wasn't very strong but it definetly was an improvement.

On the other hand I'm dealing with severe shrinkage of my genitals. WTF, my balls are bigger then my dick. Really weird.

I also feel a bit drained for no reason and I seem to have lost my "swagger" a bit.

But you know what they say the night is darkest just before the sun goes up! To me personally the more severe these symptoms get, the more I'm certain that the benefits in the long run will be far greater then I could possibly imagine.

stay tuned, tomorrow day 14!!

I remember the period of day

I remember the period of day 12-25 being pretty messed up and hard to push through. Maybe your just getting to be a bigger person your genitals are not shrinking. Your penis is just less focused on, which is good, I bet as time goes you will notice the opposite. When my wife gets me hard now she comments on how much bigger my erection is, not such a bad thing.

It's not supposed to be big until ready for play time, less chance of it getting damaged in battle or accident.

Be well, this is all part of the process.

Hey thanks for the response

Yeah I swear if my dick would stay the same, I would kill myself lol.

The sluggish feeling sort of comes and goes. I've noticed that when I'm around people I can push myself through it. But today I'm going to have to push myself to get some school work done. This week wasn't really a productive week.

On the other hand the fact that my morning wood is returning is definetly a positive sign.