day 14 - feeling great actually

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Hey Guys

So this morning I woke up with morning wood twice! And it was very strong. Thank god it's returning!

One thing that did came up again was that I woke up 2 hours earlier before my alarm clock went off. Off course I was way too tired and I decided to go to sleep again. I actually think that if you cut porn out of your life, you will need less sleep and the quality of it will improve. It's just a gut feeling that I'm having towards this.

Yesterday sucked off course, especially during the evening. I was very ill-tempered and I decided to stay in my room the entire day. Man I've never seen myself this cranky! Thank god I decided to keep myself company, haha. Another difference that I'm noticing is that (at least yesterday) I'm far more nervous when I'm talking to women. lol, whereas before I would just talk. But I have a feeling that this will also go away.

Maybe I'll post the second half of my day later on!

I can't belive that those 14 days went by so quickly.

I think you will be happy as

I think you will be happy as the days continue, I find my sleep deeper and I need less. I am not getting all drowsy during the afternoon either.

Cranky and down periods should pass. I think your confidence will improve too. Lots of good things for you.

Peace and wellness

hey I've

decided to blog on this forum. I figured everyone is having one, so why shouldn't I do it?

today was actually a good day. I also noticed that my genitals were a lot bigger, especially my balls.

Today I had a relapse :) although I don't have a chaser at this moment. But I've installed a good porn block on my computer so that won't happen again.