ummm....Hi... im new.. and young

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Umm...Hi, Im 16 and well like other stories on here, im having problems getting an erection, i just started the abstinence process. I Relized what was going on when i actually tried to have sex with my girlfriend, i really do love her andit was both our first times but before that i was just a smart kid who ran into masturbation and porn at around 13. Yea, and also im sure stoppimg it now before it gets out of control is smart, but ummm... yea im just a teen among adults as i see but im sure im mature enough to catch on, but any other help or comments or advise wuld be nice thx, and have a blessed day =P

Hey! It's great that you

Hey! It's great that you found this site while youre still young!

I just found this site at 23, I've missed out on so much because of the addiction to porn. Don't ruin the rest of high school and college for yourself, start this reboot right away!

I'm still in the process of rebooting but from what I read this really works if you stick with it.

Hi Love

Have you watched Gary's videos? It helps to know what you're doing and why.

If you're going to give your brain a rest that's great, but keep snuggling with your sweetie. For more:

BTW, have you read this article? I was fascinated to learn what challenges teen brains present. "Why Shouldn’t Johnny Watch Porn If He Likes?"

Start your own blog if you like.

You are one of the lucky ones my friend.

But there are people on here who really aren't that far away from you in age. My stock advice:

-Delete your porn stash immediately and throw out any mags you may have, even things that aren't porn but are triggers and/or you used to masturbate to it.
-Get a good porn blocker sooner rather than later
-Get into working out ...asap (nothing can defeat cravings for porn or masturbation like working out)
-If you think you are about to relapse and look at porn come on here first and post something about it. People on here have talked me back from the ledge more than once and it is a great support system.
-Keep trying no matter how hard it is because things will get better!
-Do whatever it takes to quit porn and you will eventually quit. Then, after a period of some withdrawal you will start to have a different attitude toward sex and your body and you will regain your health. Nobody can predict how or when but it will happen if you completely separate from porn.

Godspeed and welcome!!!!

Be happy you found this

Be happy you found this website as early as you did. I'm 19, and had I seen the content on YBOP 3 years ago, I probably wouldn't have any erection problems period. Best of luck.