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Hello everyone! This is my 1st post so I really hope so that I haven't posted it in the wrong place.

I have been visiting this forum for a month now, and I was seriously astonished how ignorant I was to think that porn couldn't possibly have any bad side effects. What a catastrophic misconception that was! Anyway, I will share with you some of my experience:

I'm 26 years old and have PMO'd from my early teens, but excessevly for last 8 years. At first it was just imagination and fantasies and later on, I have introduced some porn as well. Over the last decade I have had several girlfriends, and I have really noticed that in some particular cases my interest in them was quite low when it came to having sex. In some cases I would emphasis my bad performance as well, but never actually realized that it was porn to blame for the most of it. It really seems like your brain has a totally different expectations about sex when it is so much porn induced. My problem in general was that I could easily spend a couple of hours watching porn (with ease to M and O) and then have some real difficulties to get aroused by a real girl. In some occasions, even if I could get full erection, I could hardly maintain it during the whole intercourse. It was like my whole brain and my whole body become too LAZY when it came to actually satisfy any of my and my girlfriend sexual needs. It was like it expected that someone else would jump in and do all the work for me. I have even used the "work" word...it should never be a work, but a serious pleasure. When you watch too much porn, your brain gets so numb, without you actually realizing it. Your sexual desire rapidly drops and you can't get a proper arousal by the real girl anymore...no matter how hot she may look. This whole thing comes from the 2D visual stimuli instead of the all sense experience. The bottom line is that after a some time, you don't even enjoy it at all...you just feel a need to watch it...like a true drug!

I have a wonderful girlfriend right now, and I really want this to work out. Ever since I dropped my porn usage over a month ago, I felt almost instantly (after a few days) that my desire and interest in her rocketed. So, I am on my 33. day now from the start of my recovery. I have cut off all porn. I still feel a strong urge to fantasize and I do it sometimes. During this period I have cut off self masturbation and orgasms. Had a few O's with my girlfriend, when she was pleasuring me orally. I don't want to go for the full intercourse yet, but I can tell you this already: my arousal level, pleasure and general mood have all rapidly improved in the past month. So, my plan is this: no porn for life, no self masturbation in the near future and orgasms only with my girlfriend. Really hope that will do what it takes for a decent recovery!

Good luck all!

Happy to hear that

If only all of life's problems were so easy to solve, eh? Smile Were you able to share what you learned with your girlfriend, or is she just naturally patient?

Did you suffer any withdrawal symptoms? Any flatline? You may also start a blog if you wish to for any reason, but it sounds like you're almost through the process.

Thank you for sharing your experience.

Yes, of course, I shared

Yes, of course, I shared with her some of my new findings, but she is also naturally patient to some extent.

For any withdrawal symptoms I cannot say for sure, because the longest period that I had without PMO was around 10 days. Yet, in those 10 days, I had several lovemaking dreams. They were so vivid, and I'm quite sure that I haven't had those for years now. As I mentioned before, after a couple of days I got a strong urge to fantasize, and I did it sometimes. Quitting porn seems so easy, you just need to focus on your primary goal. Too much porn didn't create any new need for me, but a habit. Without it, it seems that the more you wait - the higher pleasure awaits...