Day 132:Questions about kink

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So things are going pretty great for me at the moment. Sleeping better, off the porn and have found myself a great girlfriend who ive been able to have some great sex with. My erections havent been 100%, probably around 80% most of the time, but they've been able to last quite a while and she is more than satisfied. My libido is definately getting stronger, and from what I've read, my erections should improve too, especially when my sleeping is back to normal.
The one thing is that we are both very kinky and have been talking non-stop about all the things we are going to do to each other once we get some toys. This is all great and everything but I am a bit worried that it could set back my progress, just because all the porn I was masturbating to was of the BDSM variety. I know its something I would be turned on by and interested in regardless of my porn experiences, but I can't help but wonder if its still too early to be getting myself turned on by it again. I'm not worried about it sending me back to porn, just that it could somehow get me more attracted to the kink and novelty of BDSM rather than my girl.

I'd say that any sort of

I'd say that any sort of dopamine injection other than one from a real life girl might be a bit risky? It's probably nothing major but you may as well try to keep away from it just incase. I'm sure someone will be able to offer an insight but until then I'd try to be a bit careful.