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In the interest of fairness, here is some clarification about what is considered acceptable on this forum and what is considered grounds for curbing users.

Individual needs are important here, but not as important as the needs of the group as a whole. While wide-ranging discussions are encouraged, Reuniting has two primary purposes:

1. To explore the careful management of sexual energy, and
2. To heal old patterns that get in the way of closer, more nourishing union.

The second goal requires that everyone avoid scolding and shaming anyone individually. (You are free to rant about general topics.)

“Finger wagging” is corrosive. It makes everyone feel unsafe, for fear the self-appointed Thought Police will come after them next. Fear discourages people from sharing their inspiration and insights, and from seeking the group’s support. Therefore, freedom of speech here at Reuniting does not extend to scolding or shaming individuals.

Disharmony among members and factions that form out of divergent goals will undermine the group. --I Ching

If you have a question about the appropriateness of your post you may contact an administrator: Janitor, Amari, Marnia before posting. If you object to someone’s behavior, whether toward you or toward someone else, take it up directly with that person by private message. If you think further action is needed, contact an administrator.

Posting here is a privilege rather than a right. We welcome strong views, humor, and a diversity of opinion, but any post that scolds, shames, twists, spins, mischaracterizes another's thoughts or is otherwise deemed inappropriate will be deleted. In extreme cases, threads may be locked and temporary bans imposed. If you have been banned for violating these guidelines and you would like to rejoin the site, please contact feedbackATreuniting.info to make your request.

The following are also grounds for having your account blocked:

-Being a computer rather than a real person.
-Spamming, including posting commercial links outside the "Commerce" forum and posting links to porn sites.
-Personal attacks, harassment, slurs, or slander of other members.
-Posting false information intentionally to mislead others (this does not including changing names to protect anonymity, which is strongly encouraged.)
-Posting under a new account after being blocked on another.
-Finally, any behavior, such as insisting on rambling continually about a single topic without responding to others, that succeeds in severely annoying even the administrators. You would receive prior warning about this.

In addition to these guidelines, we *strongly* suggest that you not use a poster's real name on the forum or when commenting in their blog, even if you know it, as anonymity is very important to some users.

Thank you for keeping Reuniting a comfortable, quirky place where the work of healing the rift between the sexes can continue with cheerful spontaneity and the occasional rant.

Am here mostly to learn more about oxytocin.

Hello, all.

I joined because I wish to learn more about oxytocin, how to increase it, not only in myself but also in others.

I grew up a rather reclusive person. I rarely hug or touch others, and need to learn how to do those things so that they come naturally. Am not confident in myself when it comes to physical contact. Hoping to come out of my cocoon or chrysalis.

Will be glad to hear from you.


See my avatar? That's Anthony James as "Varek", the most haunting character in an otherwise mundane TV series. "Varek" haunted me for several reasons, including the fact that he needed to unmask himself and come out of his chrysalis. (The pink-and-red heart was my idea, BTW -- Happy Valentine's Day.)

Hi Virgin

Welcome. I've enabled you to blog so you can start your own thread and tell us more of your story. I'm glad you're thinking about "blooming."


My PC has expressed an interest

in joining Reuniting, but every time I give it the same answer: you cannot join if you are a computer or a program. I hope that we are not too discriminatory, and at least allow cyborgs to join up, provided they have been equipped with neurotransmitters.