African Sex Wisdom

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resting loversA CLOSE friend recently asked me the extent to which the adage "too much of anything is dangerous" is true. I just couldn't see any sense in his query and simply told him that it was just the way it was. But he insisted and asked, "I mean, is its application only limited to specific things? Does it really apply to sex?"

The buddy's questions sent me dig out the ugly part of the game I had cherished so much...

All other animals stick to the natural cause of sex and, among them, sex takes place only at certain times of the year. In humans, however, most sexual activity is frivolous - for pleasure - and can be indulged in all year round, which is clearly an excess. Our hedonistic behaviour constantly bombards us with erotic images, conveying messages that an active sex life is vital to one's physical health, sanity, and happiness. As a result, sexual pleasure has increasingly become one of the false gods worshipped by modern society.

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