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To answer this question, I used the oracle form of search, like your friend did with Thomas a` Kemp, and chose a page and paragraph from one of the Karezza booklets (Karezza: Ethics of Marriage, by Alice Bunker Stockham, MD) you have online (because my own thoughts were coming too fast to gel into anything coherent just yet, yet I knew it was all directly related to the sacredness of what we are researching), and found these lines jumping up and down for some attention:

The best development and the purest lives come from a full understanding and recognition of the purely spiritual or divine in man. The knowledge of the living, spiritual truth that man has no separate existence from God, is the most potent factor in breaking down all supposed inequalities between the sexes. This gives us a new language. There is no more talk of male or female minds, male or female qualities, for all minds are from one source. Each individual includes in his characteristics both male and female principles, both the fatherhood and motherhood of God.

I highly recommend a brief perusal of this short page:

I completely agree that the rise in interest in Magdalen truths are a mirror for where we are heading, because she represents the equality of genders and especially the female state of 'sovereignity over one's life' (referencing the popular Grail tale we were all emailing each other about seven years ago, about what women really want) that helps bring this state of equality into our lives. I love the version of Magdalen that is outpicured in the fictional account, The Moon Under Her Feet, by Clysta Kinstler, a professor at American River College in Sacramento ~ she gives us a completely independent priestess image that can empower women to get to know who we really are.

On the way home from town today, I was listening to the radio and there was an ad for a segment on bi-polar issues (manic/depressive syndrome), and I immediately intuited, or pictured in my mind, how that fragmentation of mental capacities is probably a direct result or symptom of overdosing on dopamine, in one way or another ~ possibly something similar to an acid flashback or other damage to the neurons. So, one could say that this particular state of mental health is the 'polar' opposite of two becoming one... just some thoughts to lead to further discussion...