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If "the two becoming one" is a key piece of our spiritual awakening, what does this mean?

I drew:
4 (R): The Emperor.
25: The Navigator.
38 (R): Duplicity.

4 = 4
25 = 2 + 5 = 7
38 = 3 + 8 = 11 = 1 + 1 = 2

4 + 7 + 2 = 13

The answer is:
13: Immortality.

Well, I think the answer is obvious. The "two becoming one" is the way to achieve immortality.

The answer (13) is clarified by the two minor arcana (25 and 38).

25 is the Navigator

UPRIGHT MEANING: Heroic battles. Hidden enemies who must be vanquished or turned into allies. Exploration. Adventurous journey.

The card depicts a man steering a boat on waters in which lurks a malevolent crocodile, ally of Seth. The man is awakened: a serpent is coming out of his forehead. The water represents the sexual energy that the man (and the woman) must keep under control. If the man falls in the water (has an orgasm), he will have to face dangers represented by the malevolent crocodile.

38 is duplicity

REVERSE MEANING: Truthfulness. Gentle words. Reassurance. Gratitude expressed through words or gifts. Honor. Praise.

and also:

Influence of women who help to solve subject-matters with wisdom, virtue and honesty.

The card was drawn upside down. What is the reverse of duplicity? Unity! How can we achieve unity if not by having "the two becoming one"? Man and woman must unite. The card depicts a woman, holding a feather, representing truth. She has the choice between lying or telling the truth. The Word (speech) is important, as already discussed in the previous Spirit blog reading. One must become one with the Truth.

13: achieving immortality

UPRIGHT MEANING: Transformation. The old gives way to the new. Unexpected change. ... Abrupt change of the old self though not necessarily physical death. Beginning of a new era.

The card depicts a man harvesting wheat. Lotus flowers are sprouting beside him, representing renewal. We reap the benefits of our experiences, and we are reborn into something better (?).

When we combine within the couple the virtues of the man (25) who controls his waters (sexual energy) and the virtues of the woman (38) who holds Truth and gentleness dearly, the couple achieves beneficial changes and, ultimately, immortality.
As properly explained in the recently released video "SEX: The Secret Gate to Eden", the path back to the Garden of Eden and back to immortality is through a proper (non-orgasmic) sexual union of the male and the female.

If "the two becoming one" is a key piece of our spiritual awakening, what does this mean?

The "two becoming one" is a sexual reference. Through both practicing Sexual Alchemy and withholding the Truth, one can achieve spiritual awakening and immortality.