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Answer 10 - speaking in tongues

I wonder if these paragraphs from a paper I wrote on the subject of "speaking in tongues" would be relevant here:

Language and the Unconscious

...When on Pentecost the "tongues" of fire appeared over the heads of those gathered in the upper room, the result was that they began to speak in unknown "tongues" "as the Spirit gave them utterance." Here the word "tongue" is used in three ways: (1) as the licking shape of fire; (2) as a member of the body which facilitates speech; and (3) as a synonym for diverse languages. To say they spoke "as the spirit gave them utterance" implies that although the mechanism of speech was theirs, the words were not, at least not in the ordinary sense. Metaphorically understood, the description could be taken to mean that their speech was "inspired" or "anointed." In light of individuation symbolism, a possible interpretation could be that the disciples spoke with the voice of the transcendent Self, or from Aurobindo’s "supramental" level of higher consciousness.

Answer 1 - experience while making love

First thing that came to me was, so often during sex I have had the energy gather in my throat, as if his penis is that long... as if it is that 'filling' or fulfilling.… Now I have a point of reference... thank you! This is going to be fun.

I wanted to add a bit more on the throat thing ~ when kissing while connected, that's when the throat energy would move upward, and seemed to complete a circle, which none of my lovers was able to just 'ride' very long, since they were always goal-oriented... but I personally haven't had the energy move further up in the head (past the mouth) that I can remember (with a partner), unlike a few of my lovers who had something akin to a kundalini awakening, perhaps, as you'll remember, from having quoted one in your book.

Answer 2 - channeled from Ramsheed

[Note from channel] I'll try - it might take a bit of time he’s [guide] been babbling on about something. Can you send me the throat mail again? I deleted it because mailbox was too full. Also you better keep Ramsheed’s messages because I don’t, and remember nothing about them afterwards. If I chance to read them I’m usually amazed and a bit spooked!!!

[From guide]

Firstly, let it be stated that the capacities of man in the present are limitless, but unrecognised. For example you have the ability to fly without wings or an aeroplane machine. You have the ability to move mountains to make rain to make fire, etc. Some who have guarded ancient primeval wisdom occasionally manifest vestiges of these capacities. Here thought is the medium. Your three-dimensional environment dictates that thought be tangibly manifested by physical action and in the case we are addressing, here the medium of sound. This is a first step.

Answer 3 - ancient symbol of double serpent

I’ve just been traveling in Turkey. Much to my curiosity I have spotted over and over not only the ancient esoteric symbol of the flower of life in various degrees; but the motif of entwined serpents…symbols of DNA. If you haven’t read The Cosmic Serpent by Jeremy Narby, you may find it interesting and you will understand why entwined serpents showing up all over the place is very interesting for me.

Tonight I was wandering around in the rain and entered what I thought was going to be a little chapel and went down some stairs into a vast, I mean VAST, 6th century underground cistern built to supply the city with water in time of siege. To top it off, I found two female heads about a meter high upside down at the base of two of the columns, and they sport a pair of fat serpents twisting through their hair. It looks as if the serpents are speaking to the female heads. I just found out that the cistern is beneath me right now, and to add to that, it is the Medusa heads that are directly beneath this hotel…ooo…*goosebumps*.

Answer 4 - (Gnostic) Tarot reading

I tried, but I don't get anything that makes sense. I guess I will call "Pass" on this one.

Just for the record, here is briefly what I drew. I must confess that my mind was preoccupied by something else during part of the reading, and it seems I drew a card that answers that particular concern.

You asked me to "ask my fool cards", and the first card I drew is:
21, "The fool" (Samael Aun Weor calls this card "the Transmutation"). (so it seems the answer was included in your question... as it often is).

Then I drew:
52: Premeditation.
29: Domesticity.

52 = 5 + 2 = 7
29 = 2 + 9 = 11 = 1 + 1 = 2


Answer 5 - heart opening

I have had a few different thoughts concerning our topic. My best "oracle" is my inner listening over time, just taking in what I feel, think of, remember, read, hear...

The first thing I noticed after you posed the question was that I am beginning to sing more than I used to. I love singing but have not done much the past few years. During the last months/weeks I had a "rose theme" running through my life, for me clearly connected to love. On Sunday, after I got your e-mail, I remembered a CD a good friend had recorded and given to me. She is a musician and usually does not sing. But she had sung the song "The Rose" on request of a friend who played the guitar and accompanied her with his voice in some parts.

Answer 6 - energetic support

I am very touched that you see fit to include me in your correspondence. I have little to no practice with oracles, but am just wondering if I might be learning to discern some guidance from the Process. Even while I do not contribute tangibly now, I do certainly feel actively engaged, and perhaps that can be a support of some sort as we move along.

Answer 7 - Divine will

I picked up an interesting book in Scotland called "Imitation of Christ" by Thomas a Kempis a 15th century monk who had a good understanding of the scriptures, Greek philosophy and human nature. It has been famous for centuries as a vade mecum/companion book of wisdom. The idea is a bit like an oracle. You ask it your issue and open it at a page that is supposed to have an answer. I tried it with the throat chakra issue.

It keeps repeating the need to focus on praying that we do God's will. "Lord if this be Your will, so let it be."

Answer 8 - energetic flow during lovemaking

Every spare moment, and between breaths, all I think about is this "throat chakra" stuff, and what my role is in the "group work", etc. I've had some weird dreams, I’ll have to tell you about later [NOTE: author was too busy for the moment to share any of this yet].

If you'd like to include in your summary email the excerpt from me ... that's fine. Just don't put my name. I feel very "tentative" about it though ... because I believe there is "truth" mixed with "untruth" ... even in that excerpt from me. I'm not totally "clear" yet.

[Here is the excerpt from an email that predated this polling project.]

Answer 9 - joyful expression rather than discipline

This is what I feel for myself: I think when I am alone and my mate is not in the vicinity, I cannot just try to ignore my groin, which has energy that wants to move, nor when I am with him and the energy wants to move even more. I cannot depend only on controlling orgasm and such self-discipline, which requires work.

Instead I can see it now as moving the energy to open my fifth chakra, which means I can sing my sexual urges away, I can write them away, I can speak into my tape recorder to send them away, I can do different art pieces to send them away. I can visualize the opening of my throat to chant, sing and channel spirit. I can see a bridge between my heart and my throat so that only truth is spoken. I can see that I can be the oracle I desire by using that "groin-ular" energy and bringing it up to serve me in my channels with God and for God. I can use my sexuality to serve the Planet, to serve God, by seeing it as a way to speak Truth into the planet and beautify it with my creativity.