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Tree of Life - Another Way of Making Love?

Another Way of Making Love?

Chinese Taoist master Lao Tzu calls it "angelic intercourse." The author of the Gospel of Philip1 Amore paintingcalls it "undefiled intercourse," or, the "pure embrace." J. William Lloyd calls it "the soul-blending embrace." The Tibetan Buddhists call it "controlled indulgence." Alice Bunker Stockham, MD calls it "Karezza," or "finding the kingdom of heaven in your own hearts." Cayce referred to it as an "exaltation that comes from association of kindred bodies."

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Tree of Life - Spiritual Insight or Carnal Indulgence?

Spiritual Insight or Carnal Indulgence?

It is easy to get caught up in the Cayce material devoted to cures and past lives, and lose sight of the material on humankind's cosmic struggle to awaken. At this macro level, however, the readings insist that earthly sex is the biggest bar to our spiritual evolution - not because it is sinful, but because it plays havoc with our endocrine system. Let's look at how the readings explain this phenomenon.

Tree of Life - The Endocrine Link

The Endocrine Link

A key point in these readings is that by pursuing the flesh and indulging the emotions (desires) of the body, we 'loose beasts,' or destructive carnal desires, within us.1 As I'll explain below, this colorful description corresponds neatly with the actual neurochemical changes passion produces in the hypothalamus of the brain and the resulting emotional swings. The hypothalamus, in turn, 'tells' the pituitary, or master gland, which hormones to generate. In other words, Cayce was right when he said that the reproductive glands, not the master gland, are the place to start if one would understand mankind's current predicament.2 The more we choose self-gratification, the more we have to 'meet' the negative effects of passion on our endocrine system and behavior, both within ourselves and in successive generations.3

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Tree of Life - The Rewards of Spiritualizing Desire

The Rewards of Spiritualizing Desire

The good news is that sexual desire used for loftier ends has limitless possibilities. 1 According to the readings, the sexes are like two electrical poles which, energizing each other, make possible the greater, better development of each. 2 During sex one can exercise the highest emotions possible, 3 and attain greater understanding and advancement. 4

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Tree of Life - Sex as Sacrament or Siren Song?

Sex as Sacrament, or Siren Song?

The Cayce material makes clear that there are two fundamental ways to employ our sexual energy. One is to use it instinctually and impulsively, as animals do. The biological result is procreation, planned or unplanned. To achieve this result we simply yield to the neurochemical commands of the reward circuit in the brain’s limbic system. As Cayce says, we let sex control us.