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German book by Reuniting forum member

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Orgasmus IHere is a new book in German about the biology of orgasm:

Orgasmus I - Die Biologie der Trennung
Warum wir uns entlieben und wie man verliebt bleibt
by Carmen Reiss

(Orgasm I - The Biology of Separation. Why we fall out of love and how to stay in love)

The author:

When I first connected with the ideas about Karezza and the biology of orgasm on the Reuniting website in 2008 it was a big eye-opener. I understood immediately the impact that this "hidden factor" had had on my love history - and therefore on the course of my life.

I've been doing what I can to spread the message. Unfortunately, people with either a religious or atheist background can be deterred by Cupid's Poisoned Arrow itself, due to the esoteric aspects of the book.

Finding friendly groups

Whether you're trying to overcome an addiction, find a partner, make friends, or just improve your social skills, one of the best things you can do is find local groups of friendly people to hang out with. Below are some online resources suggested by members to help you find a group that you will enjoy. If you have other suggestions for additions, especially for areas outside the USA, please leave them in comments below.

Self-tracking tools

Many articles on this site talk about the effects of neurochemical fluctuations caused by withdrawal or orgasmic "hangovers" on mood and relationships. The easiest way to understand these effects is to experience them for yourself. However, due to being "inside" the experience of your own moods, it can be difficult to see your own fluctuations in an objective way. When you are "down," it seems like things have always been that way, and likewise when you are feeling better. Similarly, while experiencing cravings for porn or more orgasms, it can seem like the cravings will never go away.

I have a lover

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If you are blessed enough to have a partner, you have a way to make your withdrawal and recovery far less uncomfortable. By carefully approaching your partner with less passion and more nurturing affection, you can produce more of the hormone (oxytocin) that eases cravings holding handsand makes any type of withdrawal easier.

However, the risk is great that you will fall back into conventional sex as soon as your sense of well-being returns. Your primitive brain will then soon persuade you that you need variety in your love life, and you'll be right back where you are now, more discouraged than ever. Read about the Coolidge Effect, to strengthen your resolve. Remember, your goal is not sexual sobriety as the world defines it. It's lasting well-being, harmony, and, perhaps even greater spiritual awareness.

I'm in between partners

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One of the biggest impediments to recovery is the belief that others are having great sex lives, and that you would be missing out if you didn't look after yourself sexually. In fact, you may not be missing much if you're comparing your situation with most relationships based on conventional sex.

Here is Leo Tolstoy's account of his honeymoon:

"My Lover Is Hooked on Porn"

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Whether you stay or leave, have compassion for your sweetheart. A raging addiction is agonizing; your subconscious brain screams that only ONE thing will relieve your misery (whether it's a beer, an orgasm, or ?) - and you must have it now, regardless of how destructive it is.