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appleTwo months later, time to check back with you. My wife and I read the book, have done the Exchanges and are well on our way. You may recall that I asked you about what effect, if any, diabetics might have noted in their blood sugar readings.

Here's my observation so far (I'm type II, exercise, diet management and medication only.):

For the last several years my morning glucose readings would be higher than most physicians would like to see....150's, 160's. My A1c tests have always been good 7.0 or less. My last orgasm was July 4. During July my glucose morning readings were still in the high 140's and 150's. For the last 3 weeks (since entering the second phase of the exchanges) I have been seeing readings in the 110 to 130 range, which is right where they should be for long term good health. I am keeping a diary on this so we'll see where it goes from here. Suffice it to say I am pleased with these results for myself, and it is wonderful to experience the subtle changes in my wife's and my relationship.

Keep up your good work.

[Note: Oxytocin counteracts cortisol. One of cortisol's functions is to raise blood sugar.]

Added later...

We are well into our 2nd year of our revised lovemaking approach and very happy with our lives and relationship. Always read the newsletter.........enjoy your writings. Good luck and best wishes.