Peace Between the Eats

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junk foodThis item was shared by a young man.

I have some extremely good news to share with you to the point where I feel like I'm almost overflowing with gratitude. You see, after a life long struggle with dieting and food addiction, I've recently given up refined sugar along with other troublesome foods like pizza and soda and potato chips (all the junk stuff that you previously would have had to pry out of my cold dead hands).

After reading, "Peace," my last orgasm was about a month and a half ago, and I've never felt better - which, thankfully, has given me the necessary energy and inspiration to make other tremendously beneficial changes in a way that feels surprisingly natural and easy.

It seems that my brain chemistry is clearing up so much without being bombarded by orgasm-induced dopamine high-low cycles all the time; I've actually lost the taste for sweets. Not only that but the last time I did have some, my mood crashed so significantly, I came to viscerally understand the immediate effect of putting that junk into my body.

It's been two weeks since then and I have this whole new relationship with food and eating that I never, ever thought was possible. Hallelujah!!! And, I have you to thank for providing me with the information I needed to make these changes that will permanently affect my life for the better.

Before practicing, "Peace," I pretty much felt helpless whenever I got a craving for something. Now, not only do I not get cravings, I've actually developed a distaste for the stuff that I know will affect how I feel so detrimentally. It's amazing; all along I've known that sugar is ultimately a depressant, but now that I can directly and immediately feel how it brings me down, I won't go near the stuff.

I'm eating far more healthfully, not because I should, or because it's what will make me lose weight, but simply because I truly only want to choose foods that will sustain and improve the quality of my increasingly good mood.

By the way, I'm not exaggerating when I say that my cravings have transformed into distaste (which, when you think about it, truly is the greatest sign that I'm finally on the road to lasting freedom).Halloween treats As an example, it's almost Halloween now and somebody passed me a plate of those leftover cupcakes with the day glow orange frosting on top from our office party and after one bite I dropped the whole bunch into the garbage because I just couldn't go there anymore.

Can you imagine what a relief this is? Again, after a lifetime of fighting with what was on my I am, experiencing, "Peace between the...eats." Smile

Thankfully, I've released enough weight at this point to have to adjust my belt buckle down a notch a two, which is a very good sign because while this whole peaceful process is working its wonders, for the first time in my life, I'm not obsessing about pounds lost. Once and for all, I'm fully focused on simply eating what makes me feel best.

Of course, this basic premise has always been the most effective approach, yet I can't tell you how many diets I still tried and failed, healthy foodin hopes of finding a quick fix. But now that I have a basic level of brain chemistry that supports my success, everything's falling into place.

It seems almost chiropractic in if up until now, I've been walking along with my left foot curved so far outward that I kept going in circle after circle, all the while agonizing about why I wasn't getting to where I most wanted to go. After this relatively simple readjustment, the rest of my body no longer has to overcompensate for that part being so out of whack and I'm finally walking tall and moving forward.

Emotionally speaking, this kind of overall balancing effect is working it's magic as well. I've come to understand why the intimacy I sought from romantic relationships in the past was destined to crash based on biological design, and I've naturally forgiven some experiences that I thought were going to be haunting me forever.

In other words, it's not my fault that things didn't work out the way I most wanted them to, it was simply my biology doing its job to get me to move on after sex and spread my genes around.

Of course, I'm always ultimately responsible for my actions, but I can see that prior to practicing, "Peace," I was basically like an alcoholic in a relationship with another alcoholic bonding over our favorite chemical of choice (orgasm-induced dopamine), and just barely surviving each other in the process. No wonder things never worked out!

Now, as my brain chemistry continues to become clearer and clearer, I finally understand why I wasn't always the kind, tender, caring and generous man that I've most wanted to be. And, Marnia, I can't emphasize this experience of authentic forgiveness is so deeply moving and's almost miraculous in nature.

You see, it feels like I've tried just about every form of therapy there is in hopes of fixing whatever was "broken" about me, but all this time, I've really just been using an unhelpful form of fuel that kept me going in fits and starts of intense frustration that ultimately lead to a deep sense of resignation and despair. Which, if I'm not mistaken, is exactly what happens when you put sugar in the gas tank of your car. Or, to use another analogy, it's like I was always swimming upstream (up against a stream of dopamine induced hangovers to be exact) in the kind of relationship that matters most to me and now I've turned myself around to finally go with the flow of a positive current (namely, that of oxytocin and endorphins, which truly support my ability to love fully and stay connected).

And, I'm not carrying all of this emotional baggage from my previous relationships with me, so I'm really sailing along now.

Speaking of which, I've finally come to terms with why my parents' relationship played out the way that it did in a way that has been profoundly healing. As I've fully forgiven myself by understanding that I *am* responsible but not, "at fault" for what "went wrong," in my past relationships (it wasn't me, it was the dopamine high/low cycle), I've been able to come to this same understanding about their divorce as well.

Up until now, the big psychological block that held me back in life has been the classic, "it was all my fault that my parents split apart...there must be something wrong with me," routine, which essentially kept me imprisoned. By that I mean stuck in a place that's pretty cold and lonely, with bars in between me and the people that I wish to connect with the most, without much hope of ever being released.

author of letterOf course, I was shocked to find that the key to my freedom would be to first radically change my brain chemistry by not flooding my system with all kinds of unhelpful chemicals, and then focusing my naturally expanding capacity to love on something or someone bigger than my ego.

Yet, as I've been able to courageously turn the key and step out of that cage, life has become so much brighter and brighter, to the point where I can say that I've truly let go of this old story and that this feeling of lasting freedom is nothing less than Heaven on Earth...a priceless experience, to say the least. Especially because now I'm able to connect with my folks in a way where we're far more open-hearted and tender with each other, and for that, I'm moved to thank you with all my heart.

More than anything, I'm just glad that I don't have to wait until the time before they die so that we can fully connect with each other from this place of deep understanding and...and...and feeling like we're finally on the same team.

Do you know what I mean? The biggest difference is that I'm not fighting with them inside my own mind all the time and that gives me room to truly appreciate their positive qualities. Which in turn, brings us closer together. Essentially, instead of being at odds with each other, we're actually a family again.

You see, my interactions with them and with so many other people are so much better because my emotions and memories emerge in a *much* gentler way now and I can far more easily let them go in favor of shifting my focus to thoughts and feelings that are truly uplifting.

As you can imagine, this is a *HUGE* change for the better (at a fundamental, moment-to-moment level, I relate to myself as someone who easily chooses the direction of my thoughts, rather than being a victim of them).

Being at the mercy of one's own mind isn't much fun (to say the least) and I feel like I can far more easily step off "the gerbil wheel" of repetitive thinking and actually just relax more naturally into the here and now far more often.

And, honestly, I never would have believed it if someone would have told me that by giving up sweets and orgasms in exchange for cuddling more often that I could feel this good for such prolonged periods of time. But I've tried it for myself and I can't imagine going back.

As it happens, I'm not in a romantic partnership at the moment (though it seems that I will be soon based on the number of women following me around the store these days *smile*) author of letter with dogbut I often enjoy the practice of meditation (especially while lying down next to my dog where our hearts touch each other *smile*) and I have a very rich experience of prayer so my oxytocin levels remain strong.

If anything, cuddling with the dog helps the most, and that's the best practice I recommend to all my friends who might try this perspective while they're going solo.

In any case, I feel so deeply good and much more myself, so much more at home in my own soul that I know that this peaceful pathway is what's true for me from here on out.

Once again, I feel moved to thank you with my heart.

[several weeks later]

I just stepped off my bathroom scale which I haven't checked in ages and I've released 24.5 pounds in the last ten weeks!!! My eyes just about popped out of my head and I had to check the damn thing twice just to make sure it was still working.

Then I went into my closet and picked out my favorite pair of super-svelte jeans that I've been saving for this occasion and they fit with utter comfort. At last!!!!

Marnia, I can't tell you how profoundly good I feel about this victory, though I'm clear that it has everything to do with my commitment to eating only what improves my mood...which, I've discovered is the greatest, most effective source of inspiration in the world for me.

It is this commitment that inspired me to practice, "Peace..." and I'm feeling better than I've ever felt in my entire life...honest to God.

My mind is far more clear, my heart frequently bursts with gladness and celebration, and I find myself sitting still so much more frequently while I bask in the glow of a life well lived.

Now, without any feelings of effort or struggle (I gladly gave up all forms of candy and refined sugar, for example, simply because it made my substantially good mood crash so significantly) my body is taking the shape that I've always dreamed about and in so many ways, I trace this change back to the foundation of emotional freedom I've received while practicing, "Peace...".

It is clear to me that my profoundly fulfilling success is due to the support of my increasingly loving neurochemistry which is a result of my phenomenal choice to let go of orgasm (and all of it's chemical complications) and embrace the practice of, "Peace..." with all of it's chemical benefits.

Marnia, I've struggled with my weight ever since I was five years old. I was husky when I was little, dangerously obese as a teen and even though I would occasionally lose weight to keep me out of that danger zone, I've still been living the yo-yo life of diet and deprivation ever since...until now.

Stepping off that cycle and into the lasting pattern of simply eating foods that improve my mood, which improves my relationships, which improves my overall health and vitality, which, by the way, has improved my productivity and financial well-being immensely (i just received a completely unexpected six thousand dollar bonus, Hooorrrrayyyy!!!), which inspires me to continue along this path with greater vigor and joy.

And, I've welcomed a wonderful woman into my life as we share all of this heavenly connection together.

Words can't even begin to express how phenomenal she is, though all I can say at this point is that she's literally the woman of my dreams and I'm the man of hers.

When we first met, we discovered that we've actually been having dreams about each other for some time now and this connection we've created is a life long dream come true.

So, I Thank You.
With All My Heart...For Everything.

happy picturePS (two years later)
I've lost more than 90 pounds in the last 10 months, while I've gained a lifetime commitment to authentic health and vital longevity. I've also fallen in love with the woman of my dreams, and we are building an extraordinary life together with our dog. We are very devoted to practicing Peace Between the Sheets. In fact, this approach has provided us with an extraordinary foundation for our love and for that I thank you with all of who I am.

Quite honestly, your book truly "saved the day" in our relationship while making a dramatic difference in many other areas of our lives, and if you ever need someone to provide a testimonial for your work, we'd be glad to share our story.