Tree of Life - The Riddle of the Tree of Life in 'Revelation'

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The Riddle of the Tree of Life in 'Revelation'

Now that we have reviewed Cayce's teachings about the use and abuse of sex, and addressed some insights from actual experience, let's return to the Cayce material on the meaning of Revelation. The Commentary includes a full interpretation of Revelation, put together by a study group in New York well after the original readings. The readings were given to an earlier group, which included Cayce's wife Gertrude. The group attended a lengthy series of readings tying the meaning of Revelation to insights about the importance of 'perfectly synchronizing' the endocrine system. The readings directed the preparation of an interpretation based on the explanations and definitions Cayce supplied while in trance. cover of Commentary

Here is my summary of their work, with footnotes to the relevant pages of the Commentary.

Chapter 2

The 'Tree of Life' is the power of regeneration inherent in a perfectly synchronized endocrine system.1 Real knowledge of the body is sealed within the endocrine system. 2

The original purpose of the sexual force has been lost, and it needs to be cleansed and return to its original purpose through self-discipline. Anyone who can do this will experience regeneration. 3

Humankind's creative, sexual potential is unlimited, but it has been curtailed by misuse. A period of purification is required. 4 As the reproductive force moves upward it affects the other spiritual centers of the body, and activates the endocrine system to regenerate the body. 5 At each level, we must choose to align with divine will, using our energy for spiritual ends, not for personal satisfaction. The latter creates imbalance and degeneration. 6

Chapter 3

When the energy reaches the pineal, all our motivations stand out in bold relief. If they are pure, we connect with God-consciousness. 7 The pituitary is called the master gland, but for the moment it has adapted to the limitations imposed by our current habits. We can choose to awaken it to its original potential. 8

Chapter 4

We can only come into harmony with our higher self if our emotions are as calm as a 'sea of glass.' This means the senses relinquish their control over us. 9

Chapter 5

The average person lacks the ability to open the endocrine seals of the body (raise the energy through the chakras). He must first develop Christ consciousness through experience. He is ready when the senses and the four lower centers acknowledge his control. This calls for the death of selfishness and self-will.10

Chapter 6

Once the centers open, there are grave repercussions from misusing one's enhanced powers. 11

Chapter 8

The awakening of the centers is a dramatic experience. It begins in the gonads, but the pituitary actually recharges the entire system. 12

Chapter 9

The process clears out all old blocks. 13

Chapter 10

One enters a timeless state. 14 We must apply this knowledge, rather than simply contemplate how sweet it will be to awaken. 15

Chapter 11

Intellect is a block because it is a belief in limitation, and a denial of ideals. While intellect rules, our capacity to regenerate remains latent. 16

Chapter 12

Our will holds the key to breaking this hold, when we use it to control our rebellious physical urges. 17

Chapter 13

It is vital to stay focused on our spiritual goal. Otherwise, the collusion of our intellect and selfish desires keeps us prisoner through our emotions. 18

Chapter 14

The perfect souls in the world, acting as teachers, will bring about new experiences relating to the lower natures and the senses. 19

Chapter 15

The new experience is dependent upon the exercise of self-control. Compliance with Divine Law (correct use of Creative Forces?) keeps the teachers stable. 20

Chapter 16

Instructions on how to purify the reproductive force will be issued. When ignored, and sex is misused, disease follows because regeneration is not possible. Misapplied love will consume individuals (here the Commentary adds, "Love must go out, not in." I would paraphrase these thoughts as "Love must be given; greedy love is addictive.") Propaganda (based on misuse of life force) will conflict with universal truth. 21

Chapter 17

Lust adversely affects intelligence and keeps humankind's rebellion against the Divine alive. It also saps our energy and 'possesses' us (creating widespread addictions?). We are creating this situation ourselves. However, these urges can be overcome. 22

Chapter 18

Eventually self-gratification will lead to unworkable circumstances, and we will realize that we have been deluded and weakened by following a course of self-gratification. Due to over-indulgence, the senses will experience a sense of loss of stimulation and excitement. 23

Chapter 19

When we turn away from selfish gratification, the senses and the lower centers will once again align with the Divine. Everyone must eventually make this adjustment. At this point the evolved Man (collective mankind) attains Christhood, and moves into a position of stability, power and judgment. He nourishes himself correctly, rejecting His former errors and lusts. 24

Chapter 20

For a long time, balance, peace and harmony prevail. Then those souls who have not mastered the transition from self-gratification to balance return and create havoc. Eventually they destroy themselves, and have to return to try again. The situation is finally sorted out.25

Chapter 21

There is a final vision of perfected consciousness within a regenerated body and the elimination of all unstable emotional behavior. Man is reunited with the Divine. When self-control is established, regeneration is restored and man is freed of all limitation. 26

Chapter 22

The Creative Forces are flowing in alignment with Divine Will. We are reminded to worship God only, not external religion. 27 There are no safe shortcuts to raising the life force energy through the body. 28

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