Tantric Sources (Hindu)

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Krishna and RadhaFrom lust springs grief, from lust springs fear; from Him who is wholly free from lust there is no grief, much less fear. ~Piya Vagga - The Dhammapada

Excerpts from the Siva Samhita

The falling of seed leads towards death, the keeping of one's seed is life. Hence with all his power should a man hold his seed. . . . In this world all is born from seed and dies of seed. Knowing this the yogi should always keep his seed. . . . By this practice even the man who indulges in worldly pleasures can attain realization [enlightenment], and all wished-for results can in this world be achieved.

By the power of the composure of the semen, one will become just like Myself. - Lord Siva

The Shiva Samhita

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