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LoversLearn about an inspiring new model for sexuality, created by Chilean Psychologist Franscisco Moreno. Here are his remarks describing it.

Transorgasmic sex is based in thermodynamics, and heavily influenced by the work of C. G. Jung. I use the term "irreversible expansion" (for example, an atomic explosion) for the orgasmic experience, and "reversible expansion" (for example, a nuclear reactor) for the transorgasmic experience.

Transorgasmic consciousness has existed in all cultures. It does not belong to sexuality only. Even in sports and other physical or aesthetic disciplines we find experiences similar to transorgasmic.

With transorgasmic sex, there is a profound difference from the ordinary way of making love. The difference is felt in the body, in all the senses. It also is felt at the emotional and mental health levels. After you make love, when you lie next to your lover, you feel both energized and relaxed; you feel loving; your mind is clear, silent. You don’t feel any pain, or anxiety. You look at your partner and you feel magnetism, attraction. When this way of making love becomes a habit, this harmonious sensation of power and light begins to accompany you throughout your day.

Transorgasmic experience is very different from regular sex because lovers surrender to the pleasure of lovemaking, yet conserve the sexual energy. There is a transcendent and alchemical process of transmutation. We can create a new consciousness; we can move energy and insights from the unconscious body. One feels better and more alive. This is not a theoretical thing.

In contrast, if the ego cannot hold the tension, this energy is discharged. The energy returns to the unconscious without being integrated. The gap between conscious and unconscious widens. The individual has less energy and more confusion. Addiction, compulsive behavior, violence and other meaningless activities are examples.

My experience is that sex with orgasm tends to follow this same pattern. Of course, there are different degrees, because a couple also has emotional resources, and these help to lessen the effects of the loss from the discharge. “Love is what really matters” is thus a partial truth.

Our current models of sexual response are limiting what we perceive. For example, the Masters & Johnson model implies that all sexual experience falls into a four-stage model of excitation, plateau, orgasm and resolution. It implies that masturbation and intercourse are the same, and that sexual response has been the same throughout history.

This model leads people to think of sex as an evacuation mechanism for the body, instead of a source of energetic nourishment. They remain trapped in a linear vision of sexuality, focused on orgasm as the sine qua non of every sexual experience. This blinds them to a broader range of experience. If someone simply burns petroleum for heat because he believes that is its only possible use, he may never discover its many other uses.

Transorgasmic sex helps us to understand the true link between sex and spiritual paths. Spiritual practices are also energetic practices. Their goal is to help us use our energy in the service of our self-development. Sex can further this goal if lovers use it in a way that does not dissipate their energy. Ancient sages cultivated, channeled and harmonized their sexual energies in order to enhance their cognitive abilities and improve their emotional states. Spiritual experience is not contrary to sexual experience; it’s just contrary to orgasmic experience.

Freud and Reich assumed that energy could not be contained without “repressing” it. This is a misunderstanding. Again, I compare transorgasmic sex to the activity of a nuclear reactor, which performs many mini-reactions leading to an extended, and emotionally more exquisite, pleasure. Instead of reaching climax all at once and in an irreversible way, the couple can enjoy many small peaks, which, together, produce boundless joy and pleasure. This reaction doesn’t happen in an explosive way, but rather in an implosive fashion. That is to say, there is a feeling of internal liberation, with no ejaculation or violent discharge of energy.

The process is centripetal, not centrifugal. The energy moves inward, nourishing the lovers. The difference does not take place only in the mind. Transorgasmic sex is experiential, practical and deeply transformational. It affects our consciousness and the biology of our relationships. It catalyzes vital emotional and cognitive processes. By learning to use sex sustainably and creatively, we can feel more lucid and inspired and have more energy, vitality and love for our partner. In this way, erotic love can be compared with religious devotion or artistic creation.

The transorgasmic model is a new tool for exploring an ancient, rich alternative approach to sex. I hope it will help couples who want to find new meaning in their relationships.

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